Preparation of Investment Process, Consulting Services and Surveys

Proma - services

Our company provides consulting and advisory services in all areas of your business. For customers, this way we can ensure documents for projects, calculations, market research, evaluation, pricing or provide expertise, tests, opinions, prepare business plans to communicate with the banks and the like. As part of the construction process as well as for customers and investors, we provide exploratory work:

  • assistance in finding a suitable location and survey their effectiveness, feasibility and effectiveness
  • finding property and legal relations, contractual relations and easements
  • processing of business plans, feasibility study
  • surveying, geological surveys and other necessary surveys and tests
  • processing of environmental studies including EIA

Comprehensive Architectural Services, Building Design

Proma - services

We offer full architectural and engineering services from consultancy through the design, engineering, construction supervision, author´s supervision to final inspection. We will process the documentation for zoning, building permits for the project, tender documentation and implementation of project documentation.

The dominant activity of our company is to design civil and industrial buildings, either new buildings or refurbishment of older constructions. They are mainly:

  • industrial buildings
  • administrative and functional buildings
  • road construction
  • hotels
  • family houses and residential buildings

Engineering Services

Proma - services

As part of engineering activities we offer comprehensive services that help the customer reduce as many actions as necessary to manage the investment plan.

Engineering – range of services:• premeditation of investment plan

  • arranging of zoning permit, building permit, certificate of occupancy, final inspection permit
  • legalization of buildings, demolition permits
  • representing the client to third parties (local authorities, planners, building contractors)
  • provide construction supervision and site supervision
  • processing of tenders and assisting in the selection of building contractor

Implementation and Construction

Proma - services

We realize buildings exactly according to customer wishes. Thanks to our own design team, and a lot of experience at all levels of construction, we can tune the documentation submitted by the investor in each detail and offer quality proven by years of experience with many satisfied customers. As part of the implementation we offer:

  • the selection of suppliers of materials and works for construction implementation
  • construction management
  • controlling and project management

Energy and Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Proma - services

Lower energy consumption in buildings is essential to reducing operational costs to a minimum and also serves to achieve the goals of EU’s energy security and combating climate change. Our company offers its customers audit and evaluation of buildings to improve energy efficiency in buildings, as well as the development of projects to improve the energy performance of buildings.

  • Development of an energy audit-evaluation of the current state of the building and its energy intensity
  • Proposal of measures leading to a reduction in energy intensity, quantification of investment costs, the quantification of the economic benefits of energy savings and quantification of the return on investment costs
  • Measurement and classification of thermal properties of building structures and defects
  • Design of construction-technical and construction works for buildings to reduce energy consumption

Environmental Solutions

Proma - services

Our company is currently the only distributor of 100% organic product MPCD Navy. MPCD Navy product is especially designed for heavy-duty industrial cleaning and degreasing, as an ingredient is also suitable for fire fighting. Green Product MPCD Navy is particularly significant in that it is environmentally friendly and also that the product does not contain any highly toxic solvents and is classified as easily / quickly biodegradable. Services offered are as follows:

  • Industrial cleaning and degreasing of industrial and manufacturing operations
  • Distribution and sale of degreaser MPCD Navy
  • Distribution and sale of MPCD Navy as an auxiliary for extinguishing of oil fires and oil products