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Reconstruction of Arena Ondreja Nepelu, Bratislava

Ice rink was as already existing facility integrated into the body of the city. Reconstruction addressed the main assembly area for spectators as well as the supply and operation of the stadium. Urban conception of the original building has been preserved and was not impaired during the renovation.

Proposal was based on the phenomenon of materialisation of ice (ice cube) into the facade of the object that wraps the orginal ice rink as a hot core that radiates its rays into the environment during the operation of the hall. The entire facade is made of different glass surfaces which reflects the dynamics of the object.

In terms of functional use, the object is designed as an ise rink with the possibility of use as a multifunctional hall. The building is divided into two building structures (ice rink and training hall), which are communicatively  and technically closely interrelated. Ice rink facility is primarily designed for ice hockey and figure skating competitions. Training hall serves as training and public skating area.

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