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Support the opera Pietro e Lucia

Pietro e Lucia

Construction company Proma, among the main partners of the humanistic project «Pietro e Lucia», which was created on the theme of the popular novel by Nobel Prize winner for literature Romaina Rolland «Pierre et  Luce»


Immortal love story of Peter and Lucia from Rolland’s famous anti-war story revived in the form of opera-ballet drama with an Italian name Pietro e Lucia. Its modern message is a call for common battle of people of all continents against international terrorism and local wars. On monumental scene, employing state of the art 3D technology and hydraulic systems, including 3D animation and graphics, viewers will welcome more than 150 top artists from Slovakia, Russia, Italy, Germany and the UK.

Pietro e Lucia
Under the baton of the charismatic Italian conductor Marcello Rota, which is the courtly conductor of the world-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli, audience will see top ballet soloists from Moscow, in the rock section you will see top Slovak pianist Juraj Tatár and to evoke the atmosphere of old Paris there will be an accordion virtuoso Michal Červienka. Opera stars from Milan will also introfuce themselves as part of the performance. Fans saw live, the lead guitarist of English pop star Lily Allen, James Nisbet, an excellent German bass guitarist Lars Lehmann, known for working with James Brown Orchestra and multi-instrumentalist Ossy Pffeifer of “city of Rock” – Hannover. Maestro Marcello Rota is currently the best conductor in the world and is the brother of Oscar-winning composer Nina Rota, who was a musical partner of film director Federico Fellini. Marcello Rota was delighted by Pietro e Lucia mainly because he considers the work to be a neoclassical return to traditional melodic Italian opera, full of noble feelings, temperament and passion. Since there are only a few new, highly attractive operas in the world, for Maestro Rota, the “marriage” of challenging scores of symphonic music and uncompromising English-German rock is very inspiring and he will gladly be part of the rebirth of eternal love story of Peter and Lucia in the form of monumental opera-ballet drama. Representatives of Pietro, Lucia and Jesus Christ are motivated similarly. One of the best students of Pavarotti, Teatro La Scala favorite, tenor Salvatore Cordella, opera diva Doriana Milazzo and rising tenor star Mario Malagnini are all part of this incredible project.

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