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Opening of first regional office of Slovak council for green buildings in the company PROMA in Žilina

Venue: PROMA, Bytčická 16, Žilina

Date: September 19, 2012 at 15:00

Company Proma, s.r.o. from Žilina, whosw main business is architecture, design and preparation of construction investment, in mid-September, at the premises of its headquarters in Žilina, opened a regional office of Slovak Green Building Council SKGBC. Opening in addition to CEO of PROMA Ing. Ján Majerský, PhD. was also attended by Ing. Jozef Štrba, a member of Žilina Region Parliament, Rector of the University of Žilina, prof. Ing. Tatiana Čorejová, PhD. and the chief architect of the city of Žilina, Akad. Arch. Dušan Voštenák.
Slovak Green Building Council is a civic organization founded one and a half year ago, with aim to transform the building industry of Slovak Republic towards sustainable construction. SKGBC brings together around 50 members, large and small companies working in various fields of construction. Members include developers, architectural and construction companies, financial companies, and manufacturers of building materials.
As part of expanding its regional scope, Slovak Green Building Council addressed its members with representation of the organization in the region. Company
PROMA as SKGBC member, became the representative for the middle and northern Slovakia. The demand for information about SKGBC and construction of green buildings can be directly applied to company’s representatives of SKGBC in PROMA who can advise, or provide the necessary information about the issue.
SKGBC Civic Association is also working with the scientific community of Slovak construction. Its strategic partners include the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. Rector of the University of Žilina, prof. Ing. Čorejová, PhD., Also expressed interest in working with SKGBC. “University of Zilina is in number of its faculties working intensively on the development of smart solutions especially in the construction sector. It is here that I see great potential for cooperation between the University of Žilina and the Slovak Green Building Council, “said Čorejová. University of Žilina is actively working in research on innovation more efficient use of heat and reduction of heat leakage.
The main objective of cooperation between SKGBC, its members and scientific institutions will mainly be exchange of experience and information and the joint search for partners and investors to advice and finance innovative buildings and reducing energy consumption. Together, they will focus on raising awareness of green buildings for businesses and general public with particular emphasis on environmental protection, energy conservation and the protection of human health.


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