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New building of emergency reception and department of anesthesia and intensive care of University Hospital in Žilina

Architectural study, focus, project for planning permission, implementation project, interior design project.

Facility is located in the area of University Hospital in Žilina between surgical department and a central X-ray. The building is through its western part connected to the connection corridor that enters the building on the second floor. The purpose of the building is a modern two-storey pavilion, with the function of urgent reception on the ground floor and separate department OAIM upstairs.

The pavilion is located in the center of hospital campus, with easy arrival of ambulances. Operationally and sposal The facility is operationally and through its layout connected to the existing object in place of the existing connecting corridor, linking surgical pavilion with a monoblock with hospital departments. Layout and operational connection of the building through existing passages is at second floor.

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