Vision and Strategies

We are building a reliable, orderly, honest, stable and self-sufficient company operating internationally in the area of development and implementation of construction investment whose quality of services, communication and confidence will be attractive to customers and partners.

When building out vision, we want to carry out the following mission:

PROMA - Vision and StrategiesMission to customers

The basic criteria of our work is that the customer returns not the job that we have done. We manage the principles of work organization, corporate culture, marketing and positive system of communication with the customer according to this.

Mission to employees

The future of our company depends on our employees and their skills. We put emphasis on honesty, loyalty, integrity, responsibility and creativity. Through attractive conditions we motivate all workers to give the best performance in order to meet the needs of customers. We create organizational, business and social conditions that will ensure economic stability, the possibility of professional and functional growth, sophisticated personality development and stable employment for their employees and their families.

PROMA - Vision and Strategies

Mission to the country and society

We have respect for our country, law and the environment. Through our work we actively contribute to the professional, public environmental awareness, we support humanitarian activities in society.

Mission to the company owner

Conscientious, quality, and responsible work, honest, loyal and active approach to the company fulfills the vision and mission set by the owners of the company.



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