History of PROMA brand dates back to 1990 when the current and the only owner of PROMA, Ing. Ján Majerský, PhD. started the business as self – employed. At the end of 1994, a small design and expertise firm has transformed into a limited company. Over the years, thanks to a responsibility , honesty and professionality , a small office became a major company, and  since 2004 is on the most important positions on the list  of Slovak architectural and design firms.

PROMA Company

In 2002 PROMA, Ltd. opened an establishment in Moscow and in 2004 a branch office in Bratislava.

Guarantee of the quality of services offered is the quality management system according to international standards ISO 9001:2016, Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2016 confirming compliance with the principles of environmental protection, the system of health and safety at work OHSAS 18001:2009, information security system in accordance with ISO 27001 : 2014.

The capital of the company is € 150 000. Production is ensured by a team of qualified experts in the design and engineering professions.

PROMA, Ltd. provides the following services and activities:

  • selecting and assessing the suitability of the site for the implementation of the investment plan
  • surveys and diagnostics in the field of geology, topography and statics
  • engineering activities within the scope of the issue of zoning, building permit, final inspection of construction permit
  • architectural and design proposals for urban, exterior, interior and construction details
  • complete pre-project and project preparation works
  • Computer processing of project documentation and visualizations of buildings
  • vendor selection for building implementation
  • Implementation and management of buildings, author and building supervision
  • Economic evaluation of proposed investments
  • classifying and measuring of thermal properties of building structures and defects
  • Design of construction-technical and construction works of buildings to reduce energy consumption
  • Professional advice and consultation throughout the range of services provided
  • Profesional services in position of EPC and/or EPCM contractor




PROMA, s.r.o.
head office: Bytčická 16, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia
post: Bytčická 16, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia
phone: + 421 / 41 / 707 88 00 – 1