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We offer comprehensive architectural and engineering services and related technical advice at all stages of the investment process and construction.

Investment preparation, consulting services and surveys

Proma - Investment preparation, consulting services and surveys

Our company provides consulting and advisory services in all areas of its business. This way, we can provide the customer with documents for projects, recalculations, market research, evaluations, price offers, or provide expert opinions, tests, prepare business plans for communication with banks, etc. As part of the construction process, we also provide survey work for customers and investors: 

  • assistance in finding a suitable site and researching their expedience, feasibility and effectiveness 
  • identification of property and legal relations, contractual relations and encumbrances 
  • business plan elaboration, feasibility study 
  • geodetic, geological and other necessary surveys 
  • elaboration of environmental study including EIA

Architecture and design

Proma - Architecture and design

We offer clients comprehensive architectural and engineering services from consulting through the development of project documentation, engineering, construction supervision, author's supervision to approval. We will process the documentation for the zoning decision, the project for the building permit, the tender documentation and the implementation project documentation. The dominant activity of our company is currently the design of industrial buildings, whether they are new buildings or reconstructions. References over the last almost three decades have proven our capabilities in various areas of design and construction of buildings and structures of various types and complexities. We design for our clients: 

  • industrial buildings and halls
  • administrative and multifunctional objects
  • sports facilities - golf courses, stadiums, gyms, swimming pools and water parks 
  • boarding houses and hotels 
  • family and apartment houses
  • reconstruction and restoration of historic buildings and monuments

Engineering services

Proma - Engineering services

We work in the field of services for investors, on the implementation of construction investments. 
We provide services in the field of project and engineering activities, investment management and construction management. We provide various related services. 

From the search for the land, the comprehensive project preparation of the investment, obtaining of all necessary permits, we represent the investor in contact with the authorities and provide professional construction management up to the use permit. Our services are focused on the private requirements of customers, as well as large projects and the needs of investors. 

We have highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in construction, with which you can overcome the difficulties associated with bureaucracy and the complex process of solving these processes.

Design & Build System

Proma - Design & Build System

We carry out constructions exactly according to the customer's wishes. Thanks to our own design team and many experiences at all levels of construction, we are able to fine-tune the documentation submitted to investors in great detail and offer quality verified by years of experience with many satisfied customers. As part of the implementation, we offer clients: 

  • services of our company as EPC or EPCM supplier - we provide the client with a complete construction process from design, procurement, engineering to construction
  • selection of suppliers of materials and works for the implementation of the construction 
  • realization of turnkey construction 
  • control and management of project realization 
  • completion of construction, use permit, approval procedure

Technical, technological and energy equipment of buildings

Proma - Technical, technological and energy equipment of buildings

We offer our customers innovative technological solutions in order to reduce the energy intensity of new and renovated buildings and structures and improve their impact on the environment. In our designs, we apply passive cooling systems, wastewater recycling, combined heat and power plants or intelligent control systems. Where possible, we strive to integrate renewable energy sources, in terms of performance, easy maintenance, environmental friendliness. 

Lower energy consumption, green energy and energy self-sufficiency in buildings is the basis for minimizing the energy intensity of the building and reducing operating costs to a minimum. 

Our company offers the customer the design of energy-efficient buildings, intelligent and energy self-sufficient buildings and buildings less demanding on natural and energy resources. Our team of highly qualified experts in the field of HVAC and energy will design "tailor-made" solutions for you using the latest technologies. 

BIM- Virtual design and implementation of buildings

Proma - BIM- Virtual design and implementation of buildings

VDC studio (Virtual Design and Construction studio) is a department established in 2018 and in PROMA GROUP is in charge of research, educational and implementation activities in the fields of digitalization of construction. The main task of the VDC study is standardization, streamlining and support of the preparation, design and implementation departments in the field of BIM (Building Information Modelling). Other important activities include 3D printing, which takes place in a specialized workplace with multiple printers and 3D printing technology. The department prepares 4D (time) and 5D (time + budget) BIM simulations of construction (in this specialization it has two winners of an international competition in the team), manages and sets up CDE (Common Data Environment) systems used for online management of design and construction. Among the references, it also has several digitalization of existing objects realized through laser scanning and subsequent BIM modelling. The team also includes specialists in HVAC modelling (HVAC, central heating, BTI, electrical, fire protection). Development activities include the creation of tours in virtual and mixed reality and streamlining processes by programming algorithms. 

VDC studio offers clients services across the entire digital life cycle of buildings: 

  • creation of BEP (BIM Execution Plans) 
  • setting BIM project standards and rules 
  • BIM coordination 
  • collision detection 
  • creating visualizations 
  • 3D printing of projects virtual (VR) and mixed (MR) reality 
  • construction organization project (POV) in BIM 
  • 4D and 5D BIM simulations of construction (4D - schedule, 5D - schedule + budget) 
  • control and management of construction using CDE (Common Data Environment) systems 
  • digitalization of existing buildings: Laser scanning and modelling 
  • digitalizácia jestvujúcich stavieb: Laser scanning a modelácia
  • modelling of HVAC professions (HVAC, central heating, sanitary, electrical, fire protection)
  • consultancy in the field of facility management and BIM


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