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Ďalší projekt

Residential buildings


Multifunctional object MISTA,


The architectural solution is adapted to the size, shape and character of the land and the requirements of the investor in terms of the functional content of the building. The building is functionally designed as an apartment building with retail space and administrative space. The multifunctional part is situated on the ground floor, with the exception of the three-storey part from the north side. Individual apartments are designed as 1, 2, 3, 4-bedroom.

Byty Kivikko,

Bratislava-Nové mesto

Apartment buildings Kivikko in Bratislava- Nové Mesto consist of 3 separate blocks, which have 8, 7 and 8 floors. In addition, each of the 3 blocks offers underground and outdoor parking. In total, the project offers more than 250 parking spaces in the exterior or in the underground garage (in the basement of each block).

Apartment buildings Arboreum,


The set of two six-storey and two eight-storey buildings is situated in Žilina in the part of Vlčince. It consists of four separate apartment buildings A, B, C, D, which are connected by underground parking lots.



Modern administrative center designed as a composition of three separate 5-6 storey buildings in the shape of the letter "L", with the possibility of gradual staged construction. All 3 buildings are built on two basement "parking" floors. The building is an ecological and sustainable building with a LEED certificate.

Apartment buildings in Kulháň,

Záhorská Bystrica

The architectural design of the building is based on the simplicity and functionality of the entire building.

Vienna Gate,

Bratislava – Petržalka

The multifunctional and residential complex Vienna Gate is located in the Matadorka locality, opposite the Bratislava-Petržalka railway station. Two high-rise buildings with the base of a shopping gallery create a functional connection between apartments, shops and services. In addition, the multifunctionality of the building is extended by a city-forming element - the building is directly fed to the emerging Petržalka promenade.

Apartment building,

Žilina- Závodie

Design of the apartment building Žilina - Závodie.

Apartment building,

Turčianske Teplice

Design of the apartment building in Turčianske Teplice.

Apartment building,


Design of the apartment building in Prašice.

Apartment building,

Liptovský Mikuláš

Apartment building,


Design of the apartment building in Továrniky.

Apartment building,

Pezinok- Muškát

Design of the apartment building Pezinok-Muškát.

Apartment building,

Hliny VIII, Žilina

The apartment complex consists of four 5- to 7-storey blocks, in which there are 141 apartments. There will be spacious duplex apartments on the top floors. Their owners will be able to park in the underground garage and outdoors.

SSIM residential complex,


SSIM residential complex project in Žilina. 

Three Towers apartment complex,

Martin- Záturčie

Project of the residential complex "Tri veže" in the locality Martin - Záturčie.

Bratislava Thread Factory 1- ZWIRN,


Project of a residential complex - Bratislava Thread Factory 1- ZWIRN.

Apartment building,

Nová Dubnica

Project of an apartment building in Nová Dubnica.

Ďalší projekt

Ďalší projekt

Civic amenities


Comenius University Science Park,


The new building of the Comenius University Science Park is located on the campus of the university and serves as a platform for cooperation in various fields of science. The building is connected to the existing area of five-storey pavilions, checkerboard-connected into a single unit. It has 5 floors above ground and 1 underground floor.

Sports complex,


The Akhmat Arena is a multi-purpose stadium in Grozny, Chechnya, Russia, named after former President of the Chechen Republic, Akhmad Kadyrov. It was completed in May 2011 and is used mostly for football matches. FC Akhmat Grozny's home matches are organized at the stadium. The stadium was designed with a capacity of 30,000 spectators.

Holocaust Museum,


The Slovak National Museum - Museum of Jewish Culture, Holocaust Museum was established on the site of the former concentration camp in Sered. The company PROMA participated in the reconstruction of the museum with design work. The Holocaust Museum was opened in January 2016 with the participation of the highest representatives of the Slovak Republic. 

Paneuropean University,


The building of the Paneuropean University, the former Bratislava University of Law, is a reconstruction of a building from the 1960s, the authors of which were Ing. arch. Titl and Ing. arch. Gebauer. The capacity covers the teaching needs of 1,500 students, full pedagogical facilities and food facilities. Our company was awarded the Prize of the Mayor of the Capital City of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava, in the Construction of the Year 2007 competition for its work on this construction. 

Urgent Care Intake,


The emergency reception pavilion is located in the center of the complex, with easy access for ambulances, between the surgical department and the central X-ray. With its western part, it is attached to the connecting corridor, with which it is also connected on the 2nd floor. The purpose of the construction was to build a modern two-storey pavilion, with a functional emergency space on the ground floor, and a separate OAIM department on the first floor. 

Winter stadium,


The building of the Winter Stadium was an existing building integrated into the organism of the city. The reconstruction addressed the main boarding area for spectators as well as the supply and operation of the stadium. The urban concept of the original building has been preserved and reconstructed 



The golf course is stored in a natural (partly wooded) environment. The purpose and function of the construction was to create a sports and recreational complex designed for the public and private investors - Golf complex with the construction of an 18-hole golf course. 

MONDI SCP office building,


MONDI office building, 87 meters long and 27 meters wide with six floors, with parking for 200 cars and approximately 50 other parking spaces for visitors. Inside there are about 13 offices, 17 meeting rooms and 4 training rooms. Garages for senior management, warehouses and archives will be located in a single underground floor. On the ground floor we find a reception, kitchen and buffet, presentation room, lobby, offices and a conference hall for 200 people.

Elementary school - reconstruction of the gym,


Reconstruction project of a gymnasium in the village of Turie.

Reconstruction of the historic UNICREDIT Bank building,


Reconstruction project of a historic building in the center of Žilina. 

Modular nursery - Happy Nursery,


Delegatskaya administrative building,


The office building consists of high-standard offices and corporate space. Premises in the basement of the building are used for internet cafe, fitness. The main, dominant space is the ballroom. Attic spaces are used as offices.

Ďalší projekt

Ďalší projekt

Industrial buildings


Industrial park,


The industrial zone in the part of Levice-South with an area of approximately 65 ha houses production and storage halls of 16 investors from 9 different countries of the world. The focus of their production is diverse, from the production of lamps, confectionery, cosmetics, packaging materials, industrial filters and filters for air conditioning units, aluminium profiles, automotive interior components to mechanical engineering, heat and electricity production and warehousing and logistics centres. 

Technical centre for the preparation of PUR systems,


System house - technical center for the preparation of PUR systems consists of one warehouse and operating hall with a part for administrative, social and technical facilities and several smaller buildings fulfilling the additional function of the main building. The center is used for storage and preparation of components for polyurethane systems, which are prepared from pre-manufactured materials and auxiliary substances distributed in Slovakia.

CMR Technology Center,


PROMA prepared an architectural study for the construction of the Technology Center for the company CMR Púchov, a project for a building permit, an implementation project and an interior design. It is a modern three-storey building. It has 53 offices and 10 meeting rooms. The "Skywalk" tunnel connects the newly built technology center with the original old building. 



Project of an assembly factory for the production of KIA MOTORS cars.

The company PROMA participated in this project as one of the three general designers in the stages from pre-project preparation to the implementation project. The aim of the construction was the implementation of a new plant for the assembly of KIA MOTORS CORPORATION cars with a production capacity of 300,000 cars per year. 

Warehouse Herz s.r.o.,,


Warehouse Herz s.r.o.

In the national competition of completed constructions in Slovakia Construction of the Year 2014, awarded the Prize of the Technical and Testing Institute of Civil Engineering, n.o. for the optimal use of progressive building materials, products or systems in construction and also the Award of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, Faculty of Civil Engineering for the application of science and technology in the implementation of construction work.

Production hall Dhollandia,


Production hall consists of two objects: building SO 01 Administrative and operation facility and SO 02 Service-assembly building that structurally form a coherent whole. The purpose of SO 01 is to create a space for social and sanitary facilities for employees. The second floor is office space, including business training rooms and sanitation facilities. Object SO 02 is used for the location of manufacturing, assembly and warehouse operations of the company.

Swedwood production hall - expansion,


Clean production and storage hall Genoplastik,


The hall is located in the Géňa industrial park of the town of Levice - South. The main business activity in the building is the production of polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) bottles and polypropylene bottle caps. The manufactured products are intended mainly as packaging for liquid cosmetics. Of the total floor area of ​​the 1st floor of the hall, 35% is the area for storage of purchased raw materials and finished products, 62% is the area for the installation of high-performance automatic technological lines and equipment ensuring production. In the remaining area (3%) there are auxiliary and service production facilities (compressor room, transformer station, etc.).

Steam line - connection for LEAF,


Construction of engineering networks - steam and hot water connection for LEAF Slovakia s.r.o. at ground level max. 8 meters. Division of the construction: - hot water pipeline, steam pipeline and condensate led on the existing pipeline bridge - hot water pipeline, steam pipeline led in the ground - hot water pipeline, steam pipeline led on the newly designed pipeline bridge. 

Flexi Hala - areál Logis Invest ,


Stavba FLEXI HALA v areáli LOGIS Invest, a.s. pozostáva zo stavebného objektu FLEXI HALA (s rozmermi: šírka 30,8 m, dĺžka 84,2 m, vnútorná svetlá výška min 9,0 m) vybavenej kanceláriou a sociálnym zariadením formou prístavku montovaných kontajnerov a z ďalších stavebných objektov inžinierskych sietí, komunikácií, terénnych a sadových úprav. Hala bola vyhotovená systémom design & build. 

Seoyon E-Hwa Automotive Slovakia,


Production and logistics plant Seoyon E-Hwa Automotive Slovakia in Čadca.



NORTH GATE T42, Veľká Obrobňa, Brown park Martin

Truck Centrum,


Truck Centrum, Žilina

SMART Hala 2700,


SMART Hala 2700, LOGIS Invest, Bratislava

Ďalší projekt

Ďalší projekt

Design & build system


GÜHRING production plant,


With the Design & Build system, we designed and implemented the GÜHRING building for the company of the same name. GÜHRING focuses on light engineering production and service of production tools. We cooperated on this construction with our subsidiary PROMA ENERGY s.r.o. The building is located in the cadastre of Beluša and is situated near the D1 motorway. The total plot area is 4,570 m2, the total solved area is 315.80 m2. Construction began at the end of 2018 and approval and commissioning took place in July 2019.

Production plant ZF Slovakia, a.s.,,


The company ZF Slovakia, a.s. is a major producer of shock absorbers, ball joints and stabilizers for the front axle of passenger cars. The main customers of these products currently produced in the investor's plants are the car manufacturers BMW, VW, VOLVO, AM and PSA. In connection with the development of the automotive industry in Slovakia, the investor decided to expand its production of shock absorbers in the Šahy industrial park. This complex has several buildings. The largest of them is the building SO 01- Production and storage hall, including an administrative and operational building with a built-up area of 10 567 m2. The total solved area inside and outside the complex is 40 629 m2. 

Production plant KASAI Slovakia,


Kasai has built plants for the production of parts for the automotive industry around the world. In connection with the construction of the Land Rover plant in Nitra, it decided to build its plant in Slovakia in order to produce plastic interior components, especially door linings, side parts of the door and luggage compartment. The total solved area within the plant area is 16 104 m2. This building is built by the Design & Build system, where PROMA was the main designer and general contractor of the building.

Production hall PUNCH Precision,


In 2018, our company, as a general contractor, began construction of the PUNCH CAMPUS DETVA building. This construction is of a production nature with a focus on production for the automotive industry. The total land area is 166 000 m2, built-up area is 25 000 m2, roads with sidewalks represent an area of 22 000 m2. The usable area will be 29 000 m2. Completion of the entire building and approval took place in June 2019.

Center for automation and robotics of automotive production PORSCHE,

Horná Streda

In January 2020, we began construction of a unique Porsche technology center near Horná Streda. The main activity of the center will be the whole process of development and verification of the manufacturability of parts and their application in the development and design of prototypes of production equipment for the automotive industry. In the newly built building, the development as well as testing of prototypes of automated lines intended for joining, gluing, riveting and screwing subassemblies or entire assemblies of body parts will be carried out. PROMA designed the new hall for Porsche Werkzeugbau and also provides implementation and construction supervision. Completion of construction and approval is scheduled for the end of 2020. 

CCN Group production plant,


PROMA built a production hall for the French company CCN Group in Beluša. PROMA provided a complete implementation project and subsequently also the complete implementation of a turnkey production hall. Completion of construction and approval took place at the beginning of 2015. 

Photovoltaic power plant - Tesco,

Bratislava- Petržalka

Additional energy source, which was implemented on the roof of HM Tesco in a record time from June 1 to June 30, 2012, consists of a photovoltaic power plant with an installed capacity of 99.1 kW. Electricity from the sun is obtained by 420 pieces of panels with an output of 235Wp and 240Wp. 

Flexi Hall - Logis Invest complex,


Construction of FLEXI HALL in the premises of LOGIS Invest, a.s. consists of the building FLEXI HALL (with dimensions: width 30.8 m, length 84.2 m, internal clear height min 9.0 m) equipped with an office and sanitary facilities in the form of an extension of prefabricated containers and other buildings of engineering networks, roads, terrain and landscaping. The hall was made with the design & build system.

Steam line - connection for LEAF,


Construction of engineering networks - steam and hot water connection for LEAF Slovakia s.r.o. at the maximum of 8m above ground level. Division of the construction: - hot water pipeline, steam pipeline and condensate led on the existing pipeline bridge - hot water pipeline, steam pipeline led in the ground - hot water pipeline, steam pipeline led on the newly designed pipeline bridge. 

Production plant ZF Slovakia, a.s,,

Levice- Géňa

List of references

Our most important references include:

Reference name Year Investor
Center for automation and robotics of automotive production PORSCHE, Horná Streda - design + implementation 2020 Porsche Werkzeugbau s.r.o.
Production Plant KFTS Rajec 2020 PROMA ENERGY, s.r.o.
Production Hall KASAI – Levice Géňa- design + implementation 2019 KASAI SLOVAKIA s.r.o.
Extension of production and storage hall, Trnava 2018 Boge Elastmetall Slovakia, a.s.
Automatic warehouse HBS for bumpers 2018 Continental Matador Rubber, s.r.o.
Central warehouse of cylinders 2017 Mondi SCP, a.s.
Production Plant ZF Slovakia, a.s., Komárno 2017 ZF Slovakia, a.s.
Extension of the material seperation hall MONT IRP 2017 MONT IRP s.r.o.
HBS Warehouse near REWORK 2017 Continental Matador Truck Tires, s.r.o.
Entrance space AB1 CMR-CMTT 2017 Continental Matador Rubber, s.r.o.
Decathlon OC ATRIUM DUBEŇ Žilina 2017 DECATHLON SK s.r.o.
Administrative Building Hollého Žilina 2016 Reinoo Apartments, s.r.o.
Production Plant ZF Slovakia, a.s., Šahy- design + implementation 2016 ZF Slovakia, a.s.
Production Plant ZF Slovakia, a.s., Levice – Géňa; SO 01 – II.STAGE – (SO 01.5-II KTL-CATAPOROSIS (PAINT SHOP)) 2016 ZF Slovakia, a.s.
HBS mixer II.stage CMTT 2016 Continental Matador Truck Tires, s.r.o.
Application of adhesives in BOGE Trnava 2016 Boge Elastmetall Slovakia, a.s.
Production Plant ZF Slovakia, a.s. - Levice, Géňa (SO 03-III.stage Administrative- operational Building) 2016 ZF Slovakia, a.s.
Production Plant ZF Slovakia, a.s. - Levice, Géňa (SO 01-II.stage Production of shock absorbers) 2016 ZF Slovakia, a.s.
Winter garden LIST_ACREA 2016 Acrea s.r.o.
Neutralization station for the Gotec phosphating line 2015 Gotec Slovakia s.r.o.
TRUCK Centrum Žilina 2015 Logistics and Warehouse, s.r.o.
Repair of medium pressure steel boiler room, Boge Elastmetall Slovakia, a.s., Trnava 2015 Boge Elastmetall Slovakia, a.s.
Production and storage hall ZF Slovakia, a.s. Trnava 2015 ZF Slovakia, a.s.
Renewal of the culture house Beluša 2015 Obec Beluša
Nursery extension in Beluša 2015 Obec Beluša
Repair of the M1 Shopping Center Žilina – Solinky 2015 DREVONA GROUP s.r.o.
Apartment Building Kuchajda, Bratislava 2014 Grido, architektura a design, s.r.o.
SSUD LIETAVSKÁ LÚČKA - D1 LL-Višňové-Dubná Skala 2014 Združenie Salini – Impregilo S.p.A. – Dúha a.s.
Warehouse HBS II. stage reconstruction of CMTT project 2014 Continental Matador Truck Tires, s.r.o.
Production Hall CMTT - PP1 and confection; Ventilation and cooling 2014 Continental Matador Truck Tires, s.r.o.
Production Plant CCN GROUP Slovakia s.r.o., Beluša 2013 CCN GROUP Slovakia, s.r.o.
FLEXI HALL for LOGIS Invest Bratislava 2012 LOGIS Invest, a.s.
Production Plant ZF Levice, Levice - Géňa, SO02 - II.stage 2012 ZF Slovakia, a.s.
Multifunctional complex "TATRA RESIDENCE", shopping center and service facility 2012 YIT SLOVAKIA a.s.
Warehouse extension ZF Boge Elastmetall Slovakia, a.s., Trnava 2012 Boge Elastmetall Slovakia, a.s.
Production Plant ZF Levice, Levice - Géňa; SO 03-II.ETAPA 2011 ZF Slovakia, a.s.
Stema line – connection for LEAF, Industrial Park Levice 2011 SLOVINTEGRA ENERGY, s.r.o.
Extension of Production Hall CMTT West, axis Y-M, I.stage axis G-M 2011 Continental Matador Truck Tires, s.r.o.
Absorption cooling unit 2011 SI HECU, s.r.o.
Construction modifications and extension of the expedition building to the production hall 04-05 2011 Boge Elastmetall Slovakia, a.s.
Extension A and B for ZF Boge Trnava 2011 Boge Elastmetall Slovakia, a.s.
Administrative - operational building with accessories of the premises of the company TUCON, a.s. Žilina 2010 TuCon, a.s.
WAREHOUSE HERZ s.r.o., Bernolákovo 2009 HERZ, spol. s r.o.
Warehouse and Production Hall CERTIMA s.r.o., Bernolákovo - I.etapa 2008 CERTIMA s.r.o.
Hotel Panoráma – reconstruction, extension and superstructure, Štrbské Pleso 2007 INVEST-TATRA, s.r.o.
Apartment building in Kulháň, Záhorská Bystrica 2007 MONO s.r.o.
Golf Park Rajec - Charubina 2006 Golf Park Rajec a.s.
Residential complex Vlčince II, Žilina 2006 Diverso Žilina, s.r.o.
Budatín Castle - reconstruction 2006 Považské múzeum v Žiline


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