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The history of the PROMA brand dates back to 1990, when the current sole owner of the PROMA company, Ing. Ján Majerský, PhD. started a business as a natural person. At the end of 1994, the small design and expertise office was transformed into a limited liability company. Over the years, thanks to responsible, honest and professional work, the small office has become an important company, which has since 2004 held top positions in the rankings of Slovak architectural and design companies.

Proma - O nás

Virtual design and construction studio (BIM)

Proma - O nás

VDC studio (Virtual Design and Construction studio) is a department that was established in 2018 and in PROMA GROUP is in charge of research, educational and implementation activities in the fields of digitalization of construction. The main task of VDC studio is standardization, streamlining and support of the preparation, design and implementation departments in the field of BIM (Building Information Modelling). Other important activities include 3D printing, which takes place in a specialized workplace with multiple printers and 3D printing technology. The department prepares 4D (time) and 5D (time + budget) BIM.


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