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Completion of the Museum of Kysuce Village Nová Bystrica- Vychylovka

The proposed building is located in the administrative area Nová Bystrica, in the Museum of Kysuce village. Kysuce Village Museum is located near the village of Nová Bystrica, in part Vychylovka in the valley of Chmúra that is part of Kysuce. Construction of multi-functional terminal building, which is proposed in a slightly undulating terrain on the site of existing asphalt road and paved area at the museum administration building – Ragan mill and in close proximity to the historic railway line and close to Chmurová spring. The primary concern is to build a multi-functional entrance terminal building – stop Vychylovka museum with their immediate surroundings, should be the center for visitor gathering.

Besides the function of rail station with ticket sales, small souvenirs and promotional materials, it should also fulfill the function of waiting room, a space for relaxation. Its exterior surface is designed as covered relaxation points for consumption of food and beverages sold at the ground floor of the object. The facility is designed for the social room, MKD visitors with access for wheelchairs and a room for administrator of HĽÚŽ.

When it comes to architectural site of the object, the design in itself combines elements of folk traditional architecture and modern design. As expressive material , wood and brick dominates in the object. The interior of the building is designed purposefully, with current materials.


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