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Highway D1 Jablonov – Studenec, II. stage – left driving lane

Construction cost: 34 217 000 €
Start of construction: 1.11.2010
Completion of construction: 1.11.2012

Project description: In the second stage, left driving lane is to be completed with a total length of 5210 m in the land of Spišské Podhradie, Jablonov, Studenec. Building of several crossings with the length of nearly 580.03 m will be built to 444.537 m relocations of roads, to the completion of four bridges on the highway of total length of 900 m and building of noise barriers in two lengths, 260 and 800 meters. Construction also includes extensive modification of existing roads. The section will be financed from the state budget.

Our works- PROMA, s.r.o.: Construction supervision according to FIDIC conditions of contract (FIDIC Yellow Book)
Designer: Geoconsult, spol. s r. o., Bratislava
Doprastav, a.s., Inžinierske stavby, a.s. Košice, Váhostav – SK, a.s.

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