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post: Bytčická 16, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia
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Multipurpose Sports Hall THE GYM, Bratislava

Športová hala It is a multipurpose sports hall of floor size approximately 42,5 x 24,5 m and 8 m clearance height. Functional use of the property includes a sports hall with a background section for athletes. It is a training hall... [ read more ]

Reconstruction of Arena Ondreja Nepelu, Bratislava

Rekonštrukcia - Štadión Ondreja Nepelu Ice rink was as already existing facility integrated into the body of the city. Reconstruction addressed the main assembly area for spectators as well as the supply and operation of the stadium. Urban conception of the original building has... [ read more ]

GolfPark Rajec- Charubina

Golf park Rajec The purpose and function of the project is to create sports and recreation complex for public and private investors- Golf complex with 18-hole course. In the first stage, following structures were realized: – Golf Academy with 9-hole course of... [ read more ]

Aquacenter Savas Bobrovník

Aquacentrum Savas Bobrovník - PROMA The proposed building of “water world” is located along the inside communication, located close to the entrance to the complex. It is positioned as an entry area in front of sports facilitie. The area is divided into indoor operations... [ read more ]

Recreational and Leisure Resort Dohňany, district Puchov

Rekreačno-oddychový areál Dohňany The proposed multipurpose facility EPIC Club is designed as a free-standing building with three floors with flat roof pavilion character, with the main orientation north – south, parallel to the long side of the river, respectively the railway line.... [ read more ]