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post: Bytčická 16, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia
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ZF Levice

Levice [ read more ]

Building of Production Hall of company CCN Group in Beluša

Realizácia výrobnej haly spoločnosti CCN Group v Beluši Currently PROMA is building production hall for French company CCN Group in Beluša. PROMA has provided complete implementation project as well as complete turnkey construction of the object. End of construction process and final approval of building is planned in december 2014- january 2015. Photos... [ read more ]

Photovoltaics Tesco

PROMA - Fotovoltaická elektráreň Tesco General building contractor: PROMA, s.r.o.. Description: Additional energy source that we have carried out on the roof of Tesco in record time from 1.6. to 30.6. 2012, consists of photovoltaic power plant with an installed capacity of 99.1 kW.... [ read more ]

Heat supply for LEAF Slovakia s.r.o. Steam pipe – fitting for LEAF, Industrial Park Levice

PICT4826 Construction of engineering networks – steam and hot water fitting for LEAF Slovakia s.r.o. in height above the ground up to 8 m. Breakdown of the structure: – hot water pipe, steam pipe and condensate led in the existing... [ read more ]

Conversion of boilers in municipal buildings near Banska Bystrica with change in the current method of heating to biomass – storage of wood chips Ľubietová, Tajov, Poníky, Čierny Balog

167 Part of the project “Rebuilding of coal boilers in municipal buildings to biomass” is the preparation, storage and transportation of fuel – wood chips – in sufficient quantity and quality for each heat source. Fuel for the association of... [ read more ]