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New Technological Center Continental has been opened in Púchov

Continental Púchov German tire production company Continental AG in its factory in Puchov opened a new technology center. Event was also attended by Prime Minister Robert Fico. It is part of a billion-dollar investment program announced in 2011 by a division of tires and in expanding... [ read more ]

Logistics Center COOP JEDNOTA, Horný Hričov

Logistické centrum COOP JEDNOTA Project of Logistics Center COOP JEDNOTA is based on the requirements of the investor. It is a storage hall building, which is divided into dry storage, storage of fruits adn vegetables and dairy products storage. Part of the hall... [ read more ]

Warehouse with low energy administrative and operational object HERZ, s.r.o. Bernolákovo

Skladova hala - Bernolakovo Warehouse serves as a distribution center for storage and dispatch of products of the company HERZ, which are traded in Slovakia. In the hall, manufacturing operations are not performed. Warehouse is designed as an energy-saving building using the exhaust... [ read more ]

Photovoltaics Tesco

PROMA - Fotovoltaická elektráreň Tesco General building contractor: PROMA, s.r.o.. Description: Additional energy source that we have carried out on the roof of Tesco in record time from 1.6. to 30.6. 2012, consists of photovoltaic power plant with an installed capacity of 99.1 kW.... [ read more ]

Eli systems Vranou nad Topľou

001 01 [ read more ]