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The Most Green Building in Slovakia

Hotel a administratívne centrum - Košice In buildings, we spend more than 90% of their time, so a healthy environment affects all of us. The concept of sustainability and green architecture began to actively penetrate our market around 2010. Since then we passed small, but all the... [ read more ]

EcoPoint Košice: Cape of Good Hope

Hotel a administratívne centrum - Košice When you arrive to Košice from north, direction from Prešov, there is an exit from the valley surronded by forests and the Košice valley opens up in front of us as well as a view on the whole city. Whole... [ read more ]

Villa Majndorf: construction of family villa in Moscow, Russia

PROMA currently prepares implemetation project of family villa for private investor in the capital city of Russian Federation, Moscow. Project called “Villa Majndorf” is prepared by PROMA in cooperation with famous Russian architect Pavel Pietroff who is responsible for architectural design of the... [ read more ]

Building of Production Hall of company CCN Group in Beluša

Realizácia výrobnej haly spoločnosti CCN Group v Beluši Currently PROMA is building production hall for French company CCN Group in Beluša. PROMA has provided complete implementation project as well as complete turnkey construction of the object. End of construction process and final approval of building is planned in december 2014- january 2015. Photos... [ read more ]

Area between housing developments Hliny and Solinky will change

Žilina - Centrum Rudiny II Company from Žilina, Istrofinal, has in October 2013 invited companies to urban and architectural tender for solution of peripheral center Rudiny II. The winning proposal is from Žilina. You can find the article HERE. The winner of anonymous voting is proposal G by authors... [ read more ]