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The Most Green Building in Slovakia

Hotel a administratívne centrum - Košice In buildings, we spend more than 90% of their time, so a healthy environment affects all of us. The concept of sustainability and green architecture began to actively penetrate our market around 2010. Since then we passed small, but all the... [ read more ]

EcoPoint Košice: Cape of Good Hope

Hotel a administratívne centrum - Košice When you arrive to Košice from north, direction from Prešov, there is an exit from the valley surronded by forests and the Košice valley opens up in front of us as well as a view on the whole city. Whole... [ read more ]

Warehouse with low energy administrative and operational object HERZ, s.r.o. Bernolákovo

Skladova hala - Bernolakovo Warehouse serves as a distribution center for storage and dispatch of products of the company HERZ, which are traded in Slovakia. In the hall, manufacturing operations are not performed. Warehouse is designed as an energy-saving building using the exhaust... [ read more ]

First green building in the metropolis of Eastern Slovakia

Ecological and sustainable building with a healthy working environment and low operating costs. This briefly summarizes the office building EcoPoint in Kosice. Its other advantages are certainly ideal location, accessibility and visibility. With all of these advantages, the building... [ read more ]

EcoPoint in Košice: Laureate of VISIO 2020

EcoPoint OFFICE CENTER in Košice, designed by PROMA, was awarded the VISIO 2020 Award of EUROSTAV Magazine for major act in sustainable architecture and construction for the past year. More here HERE… SOURCE: EUROSTAV, May 2014 [ read more ]