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Administrative and Business Center ONYX2

Administrative and commercial center Onyx2 will serve for business (rentable space for shops, services and offices). In addition to office space and shops there are areas set aside for dining, cinema, children’s play area. The facility has parking for visitors and tenants of the administrative and business center. The building is based on the transformation of the existing hotel building ONYX. This is the first stage of the administrative and business center Onyx2.

The solution of the transformation is to maintain 9-storey high-rise section of the building and its new development and change its function to administration. Other 1-storey part of the building will be rehabilitated in the second phase of construction. The building of the first stage will be after completion an independently functioning object with its own technical and technological solutions. Part of the premises in the first and second floor of the object will be made available for connection to the object of the shopping center and conducted in the second phase of construction to achieve the operational connection of the whole administrative and center. In the first stage, these premises will be pre-built for given proposal.

Conversion of the building allows for a complete reconstruction of internal and external parts of the building. The new facade of the building is designed as a double-glazed facade with protruding in front of the original facade. II. Stage – Business Center: The original building will be completely rebuilt to an administrative block. In the middle of first floor, the transition intended for trading arcade will be created. In the rear there are areas for supply and technical equipment.

On the second floor, offices with the social background needed for the operation of shopping center will be located. Central part will once again include a shopping arcade, sanitary block will be in the back as well as designated leasable space. Adjacent section of the complex will have primarily commercial function. Disposition can be divided into additional building towards the street Štúrova-pedestrian zone and annex of the main part between the streets Komenského – Mlynská. Both parts are connected through the existing office building in first and second above ground floors. Extension from the pedestrian zone is made up in three above ground floors.

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