PROMA, s.r.o.
head office: Bytčická 16, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia
post: Bytčická 16, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia
phone: + 421 / 41 / 707 88 00 – 1

Manufacture and warehouse hall Genoplastik including administrative and social built-in

The area of the site is allocated in the industrial park of Géňa, town of Levice – South. Main business in the facility is production of polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) polypropylene bottles and bottle caps.
Manufactured products are designed mainly as a containers for liquid cosmetics such as shampoos, hair balms, bath foams, lotions and the like. From the total floor area of the first floor 35% accounts for storage of purchased materials and finished products, 62% of the area for installation of high-performance automated technological lines and equipment supporting the production.

The remaining area (3%) are auxiliary and service operation of the manufacture (compressor, transformer station, etc.). Auxiliary service and peripheral technology equipment ensuring operation of production facilities are located in the annex built in to the cladding of the hall. The hall is made of simple shell construction. It consists of a combination of reinforced concrete (RC) columns, on which there are reinforced concrete structural beams and steel lattice truss with spans 18 and 24m.

Administration 01 is also a shell, and reinforced concrete frames in modules of 6m, the ground floor is made of reinforced concrete ceiling slab. Administration 02 is mounted steel frame coated with plasterboard. Roofing of Administration and building is made of trapezoidal sheet metal with PVC insulation and waterproofing membranes. Hall cladding is formed by horizontal sandwich panels. Fillings are made of aluminum.

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