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Multipurpose Sports Hall THE GYM, Bratislava

It is a multipurpose sports hall of floor size approximately 42,5 x 24,5 m and 8 m clearance height. Functional use of the property includes a sports hall with a background section for athletes. It is a training hall for snowboarding, skateboarding, climbing and gymnastics and acrobatic elements of these sports. Additional functions of the object are store with rental of sport equipment, reception area with bar, space for audience adn administrative area of the object. For the sports section, there is located area of about 700 m2 and 300 m2 of operational areas (on 2 floors).

Location of the object on the land counts with two stages of construction. In the first phase of the project, the location of the hall itself is considered and all the necessary infrastructure for the object. Second prospective phase of the project addresses the allocation of free space on the land for the construction of multifunctional external field and accommodation facility  “riders house” for approx. 60 people (10 double rooms, 10 quadruple rooms).

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