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Construction paradox

While the economy as a whole is growing, construction industry has paradoxically been noticing decline over the past consecutive years, stagnation at best. As was said in the annual annex to the magazine TREND, ” it was not good enough for growth. Yearly decline in construction output of 5.3 percent based on preliminary data from the Statistical Office of Slovakia is about 220 million. “(Annex Trend Top in construction and real estate, May 2014). Even though, construction is a major factor in creating better conditions for investors – both domestic and foreign (transport infrastructure, commercial and logistical capacity, etc.). The reason of the development may be sectoral specificities, thanks to which, unlike others, may not or should not copy the trajectory of the economy.

Author: Ing. Ján Majerský, PhD., managing director of PROMA, s.r.o.

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