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Construction business needs a long-term perspective

Company PROMA from Žilina di not reach planned sales of 7 million euros in 2012. Clients were shuting down their investments and the company was not able to find compensation for lost contracts so quickly. Owner of PROMA, Ján Majerský, states that in last electronic tender, his company was successful with the price of 11 400 euros, compared to the estimated price of 58 000 euros. Majersky cannot call this any other name than humiliating. He talks about meaninglessness of electronic tenders for construction works and services and he adds that at the end they have rejected the contract. He points out that this process is one of the reasons why they did not reach the plan. . J.Majerský does not see the problem of construction business in the lack of investments and contracts for builders. He claims that under the new conditions, it is important to look at the performance. The scope of works for the same price as in the past must be now substantially larger and more attractive.

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SOURCE: TREND TOP v stavebníctve a v realitách, 05/2013

AUTHOR: Katarína Šebejová

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