PROMA, s.r.o.
head office: Bytčická 16, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia
post: Bytčická 16, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia
phone: + 421 / 41 / 707 88 00 – 1

Recreational and Leisure Resort Dohňany, district Puchov

The proposed multipurpose facility EPIC Club is designed as a free-standing building with three floors with flat roof pavilion character, with the main orientation north – south, parallel to the long side of the river, respectively the railway line.

The main entrance is located on the eastern side of the access road and parking lot. The multipurpose building is designed in blocks – three storey central part with entrance and operating and business premises, southern single-storey part with pool hall and the northern one-storey portion of the multi-purpose hall (sports hall, lounge, etc.)..

The mass of the building is built on a strong horizontal ground floor plinth, which runs around the entire building, blocks of the swimming pool and multi-purpose halls are at the imaginary level of the second floor split with a line of different materials. Towards the parking lot, there is an object with striking glazed surfaces, continuously ongoing through the upper floors, inducing a feeling of openness.

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