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Conversion of boilers in municipal buildings near Banska Bystrica with change in the current method of heating to biomass – storage of wood chips Ľubietová, Tajov, Poníky, Čierny Balog

Part of the project “Rebuilding of coal boilers in municipal buildings to biomass” is the preparation, storage and transportation of fuel – wood chips – in sufficient quantity and quality for each heat source. Fuel for the association of municipalities will be prepared from waste from local sawmills and logging in the surrounding forests. Preparation of fuel is designed to ensure annual supply to the boiler before the beginning of the heating season.

The proposal is based on the requirements of the investor, in boiler rooms with power over 100 kW will burn wood chips max. size 40 × 20 × 10 mm and in boilers with lower power whole pieces of wood. Fuel will be prepared in 4 centers and will be stored in a newly built central warehouse with operational supply for one year.

sklad-Tajov-121 sklad-stiepok-Lubietova-161 Poniky-138 Cierny-Balog-205

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