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National Historic Landmark SPIŠ CASTLE

In the proposal, the look of fragment with interventions cultivating and presenting characteristic features of fortification architecture are kept and accepted. The proposal builds on the methodological principle of restoration of the castle from the 1940s and modifies some of its elements according to the results of new research.

Framework established recovery method – partial reconstruction. When restoring Spiš Castle the main objective of the proposal is to restore the original character of the context of the whole castle area with its different cultural layers. In the reinterpretation of selected major events principle of stylization of the original buildings and features is applied.

The key idea is to create space division of the territory into four clearly spatially and functionally segregated parts.

1. Barbakan (entrance area)

2. Central ward (Commercial)

3. Upper ward (Communication area)

4. Upper castle (exhibition space)

The upper castle is presented in the form of a comprehensive renaissance. Due to the different degree of destruction of the Eastern and Western palaces, the perception of the original context of the courtyard is now broken. This proposal balances the contrast. Roman palace, jewel of the castle, is presented in its comprehensive form, when it fulfilled representational function – a late gothic stage.

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