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Tender instead of shopping center in Žilina

Large polyfunctional center was once planned to be built in Hliny, now architectural tender is running in the city of Žilina.

Ambitious shopping center in Hliny in Žilina has not been built yet. Project that has been introduced back in 2008 and was supposed to bring apartments, offices and parking areas, has not been built. Today, investor company, Istrofinal, has announced the results of the architectural tender for the whole area. 

It is an area called Rudiny II. on the corner of streets Obvodová and Centrálna, close to Tesco and Lidl stores. According to the magazine of Slovak Chamber of Architects, the company has chosen 5 proposals out of 12 registered for the second round. The winner of the second round was the proposal of group of authors from PROMA, second prize was given to Aprox and the third, to the group of architects.

You can find the whole article  HERE.

SOURCE: Ľuboš Mistrík,, March 6, 2014

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