Offer of land sale- area „SPA MARGITA & SWIMMING POOL MARGITA-ILONA“, Levice, cadastral area Kalinčiakovo, Slovak Republic

Spa Margita

Company PROMA offers for sale land- the area of Spa Margita located in the cadastral area of originally autonomous municipality Kalinčiakovo that has been incorporated in the town of Levice since the year 1970.

Spa Margita has been founded in the year 1936 and until now the spa is used for recreational activities of inhabitants and visitors of the town Levice. The recreation facility comprises of one swimming pool, grass plots for sports and one buffet. Thermal water with temperature of 26˚ C springing from under the pool has favourable effect on human body. Composition of the water is of high quality and it is suitable for drinking.


  • Good geographic position, great climate conditions
  • Clear ownership structure
  • Excellent conditions for sport, recreational and wellness facilities
  • Support of the tourism in this region of Slovakia
  • Wide range of possible usage of the property – aqua park, spa, wellness, sport, recreation, relax, golf, hiking, company activities and temporary accommodation


  • the given area is included as a sport recreational zone in the land use plan of the town of Levice
  • possibility of building of recreation and sports facilities of various character (medical, recreational, wellness, ..)
  • hall engineering networks (mediumpressure gas line, pipeline, low-voltage electricity connection, water connection, T-COM connection) are functional at present with the capacity sufficient also for the considered investment plan.
  • Sewage sewer was installed in the 4th quarter of 2010.


From the overall land area, 5.8 ha are prepared for immediate sale. The price of land for sale is 25 EUR/m2 VAT excluded.

The price for the m2 includes also the following:

  • summer swimming pool – reconstruction needed
  • buffet and service building – reconstruction needed
  • sanitary facilities – in operation
  • completed architectural-planning study for the usage of the area
  • elaboration of the design documentation for planning decision and provision of valid planning decision according to requests of an investor in the sense of the land
  • use plan of the town of Levice

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For more information please contact:

Ing. Ján Majerský


Phone: +421 905 717 823