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post: Bytčická 16, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia
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Manufacturing Hall – ZF Levice, Levice

DSCN3875 The manufacturing plant is designed to produce shock absorbers, ball joints and stabilizer guide for the front axle in cars. The building is divided into operational production – storage portion including administrative and social part, technical and technological infrastructure... [ read more ]

Manufacturing Hall – De Miclén & Scandolara Tub-Est, Levice

DSCN3048 The layout and technical solution is based on the production requirements for individual buildings and operations. The hall of Scandolara TUB-EST, which production involves packaging for toothpaste for above-mentioned hall has a similar functional breakdown mirror-reversed to the de... [ read more ]

Production hall Fines, Žilina

DSC08702 The main feature of the building is construction of operation facility for furniture completion. Production – warehouse and Administrative – operation object are both 2-storey buildings that are operationally interconnected.   [ read more ]

Manufacturing Hall – Dhollandia, Predmier

NICON D50 042 Production hall consists of two objects: building SO 01 Administrative and operation facility and SO 02 Service-assembly building that structurally form a coherent whole. The purpose of SO 01 is to create a space for social and sanitary facilities... [ read more ]

Manufacturing Hall Johnson Controls, Lučenec

IMG_0916 The production facility is located in an open area that was in the city master plan of Lučenec designated as an industrial park. During the first stage, construction of production hall was realized. It produces polyurethane foam used in... [ read more ]