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(Slovenský) EUROSTAV 6 2017 – naše výsledky

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What about the results for 2016

Aquacentrum Savas Bobrovník Dear  friends, partners and clients , from the bottom of our heart we would like to express our gratitude  for your support, that was  transfered into the following results in the year 2016. This is our cooperation, and we... [ read more ]

(Slovenský) Návšteva čínskeho partnera a začiatok spolupráce na medzinárodnej úrovni

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Construction of Science Park in Bratislava: Missed Opportunity

Construction investment activities in higher education are as rare as saffron. When we looked at how many opportunities were (architecturally) ceased,  we are fillerd with sadness…University Park in Bratislava   SOURCE: ASB Architecture / Construction / Business, March 2016, Volume 23 [ read more ]

Newly built Science Park of Comenius University in Bratislava

vedecký park UK The new building of Science Park of Comenius University (UK) is located on campus. It builds on an existing five-story complex of pavilions, checkerboard brought into a single whole, while closing area in terminal position. Science Park UK Source: EUROSTAV... [ read more ]