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head office: Bytčická 16, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia
post: Bytčická 16, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia
phone: + 421 / 41 / 707 88 00 – 1

Residential Building – 98 b.j., Trnava, ul. Clementisova

Residential buildings are designed as four-storey without residential attic. In proposed residential buildings, there are 102 housing units as two and three bedroom apartments and on the ground floor two three bedroom apartments for the disabled. On the ground floors of residential buildings, apartments, common areas such as chambers, stairways and entrances are located. The common spaces are also the substations where the heating of hot water and central heating the residential building is provided
Other above ground floors consists of two and three-bedroom apartments. Each apartment is designed traditionally with a common entrance, which is justified by the nature of the site’s size and layout and landmarks where such a solution of residential building is the best. Mailboxes are located in the entrance hall.

Residential house is a small community of families striving to create maximum comfort and safety of owners of apartments. Residential building is a low-floor type with no elevator. A simple matter of a residential building is brightened by entrance projections and awnings.

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