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Residential Building- 3×10 b.j., Tovarníky

Architectural design of the residential building is based on the requirements of the maximum utilization of the offered layout area, using a simple and economical construction.
Residential buildings are designed as three-storey with an attic. In buildings ‘A’ and ‘B’, there are 11 residential units, including 6 two-bedroom apartments, 4 one-bedroom apartments and 1 two-bedroom apartment for disabled. In the building “C”, there are 8 housing units, including 6 three-bedroom apartments, 1 studio apartment, 1 two-bedroom apartment for disabled.

On the ground floors of residential buildings, there is common entrance, storage areas: storage for strollers, bicycles, boiler room, 1 studio apartment for disabled and 1 studio apartment.
Another 3 floors are designed the same way. Apartments on each floor are above each other.

Common entrances on the ground floor are designed without the possibility of access of unauthorized persons. Mailboxes are located in the panel at the front door with a slot for inserting mail from the outside.
Residential buildings are a small community of families striving to create maximum comfort and safety of owners of apartments.

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