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Residential buildings Kulháň, Záhorská Bystrica

The architectural design of the building is an expression based on simplicity and functionality of the entire building. Mass breakdown is based on the shape of the land and an effort to use it the best way possible. Relief is done on the inner side through the offset of residential building from ground with parking spaces below the objects on pillars.

In the last floor, objects are lightweight because of suppression and a roof terrace. Simple glass walls in combination with protruding balconies give buildings clean and proportionally balanced character. Residential building “S” is proposed in a rectangular shape, residential building “T” is proposed in the form of irregular L.

Object “S” as well as Object “T” is vertically connected to one communication core with stairs and an elevator. Units consist of one underground floor, where parking spaces are located. On the ground floor, there are rooms for business operations with separate entrance facing the main internal communication.

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