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Bratislava University of Law – Faculty of Economics – reconstruction of primary school Tematínska, Bratislava

The intention of investor was to rebuild the building of former 24-classroom primary school into university facilities for the University of Economics. The original premises are suitable for this purpose from the point of view of architecture, typology, disposition and hygiene. The original building was put into operation in the 1980s, is maintained and capable of immediate operation.

Objects of the reconstruction were entrances, kitchen, block A3, there was conversion of two gymnasiums into auditoriums. Also block B2 was rebuilt as specialized classrooms were changed into classrooms for lectures, and finally in the basement premises of workshops were converted into library. The entire renovation was completed while maintaining the original appearance of the building, without interventions into supporting structures and without a fundamental change in layout. Building modifications were only local.

In the refurbished rooms, new electrical and A/C wiring was implemented and connected to the existing wiring.

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