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Analysis TREND Top in Construction and Real Estate Business in 2012

Magazine TREND annually publishes TREND Top in construction and real estate business that summarizes construction market in SLovakia for the past year and provides statistical data related to the construction production in Slovakia. The results of the analysis TREND Top in construction and real estate business show that in 2012 PROMA confirmed its position among Top 5 design companies on the Slovak market.

The downward trend in sales followed the development of the construction market not only in PROMA but also among comparable competitor companies. As a response to this development, PROMA reduced the number of employess by almost a quarter what is almost the highest amount among companies rated in the TREND Analysis. This way, PROMA has increased the value added per employee by 7.1% with the expectation of operations efficiency growth as nearly as next year. You can find the exact position of PROMA HERE .

SOURCE: TREND Top in Constructiona and Real Estate Business, 05/2013

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